KAPSOM is the world’s leading provider of power-to-x solutions and delivered the world’s first green ammonia plant in 2021. Our mission is to make our world more sustainable every day by providing high-quality green chemical solutions, technologies and services that make our customers more successful and help sustain, decarbonize and protect our planet.

Main Solutions

With society's urgent demand for sustainable development and clean energy, the importance of green ammonia has become increasingly prominent. As an ideal hydrogen storage medium, green ammonia provides strong support for achieving energy transition and building a low-carbon society.


Blue ammonia is a compelling technological innovation designed to advance the sustainable use of ammonia. We have mature blue ammonia technology and are committed to expanding its application value chain. As an innovative hydrogen energy solution, blue ammonia provides strong support for mankind to achieve the goal of a zero-carbon economy by integrating advanced ammonia production technology and combining hydrogen energy with carbon capture and storage technology.


The production process of E-Methanol involves using electrical energy to catalytically reduce carbon dioxide and water to produce high-purity methanol without relying on traditional petroleum refining. This unique preparation method makes E-Methanol a green and sustainable liquid fuel, providing unprecedented opportunities to achieve energy transformation and build a low-carbon society.


By adopting biomass methanol technology, we can achieve sustainable utilization of biomass resources, mitigate dependence on traditional fossil fuels, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and make positive contributions to climate change and sustainable energy development. The development of this technology not only promotes innovation in the energy industry, but also provides important support for building a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.


We have mature ammonia cracking technology and are committed to expanding the green ammonia application value chain. As a non-carbon-based hydrogen storage material with mature technology and low cost, ammonia can effectively break through the bottleneck of hydrogen energy development and help mankind move towards a zero-carbon economy.

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2023 KAPSOMサンシャイン学生支援活動
2023 KAPSOMサンシャイン学生支援活動
2023 KAPSOMサンシャイン学生支援活動
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