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Company History

KAPSOM holds the key to the commercial application of green ammonia and is the first to usher in the green hydrogen 2.0 era. A low-carbon, innovative and can-do spirit has characterized our company from the beginning. From traditional chemical engineering to green chemical engineering, we are never afraid of challenges.


Our current priority is to provide customers with optimal power-to-x solutions.It is the direction and goal fior us to helping the hard-to-abate industries decarbonize. We will continue to develop innovative technologies, optimize processes, improve the green chemical industry chain, and work together with all parties to achieve the global carbon neutrality goal ultimately.

Kelvin started his own business and founded KAPSOM, a company that competed with international chemical giants.
The hardships of the survival stage are unimaginable, but we never give up easily. In the beginning, our business scope was very broad, and fish cages were even one of our projects.
In this year, we undertook and shipped the first 120Nm3/h green hydrogen project (Poland), which was also the first green chemical project we came into contact with.
We are the general contractor of a complete set of calcium chloride equipment with an annual output of 20,000 tons from BIARIQ Company in Saudi Arabia. This is also a project that makes us very proud, because it is the first time that a Chinese company has brought calcium chloride technology to the world.
This year we designed a complete set of magnesium sulfate equipment with an annual output of 100,000 tons for the German K+S company. At this time, KAPSOM was still just a professional chemical engineering company.
This year we began to accumulate strength and began to reserve talents for the ammonia synthesis process and optimize the process, officially paving the way for the development of the green ammonia industry in the future.
This is an important milestone in the development process of KAPSOM. In this year, we designed, supplied, commissioned and started operation of the world's first green ammonia unit. This was a project that caused changes in the entire industry structure and received widespread attention from the industry. Since then, we have been committed to transforming into green chemicals.
We have invested in and established our own equipment research and development base, dedicated to the manufacturing and research and development of distributed intelligent green ammonia equipment.
We are ahead of our peers in the field of green ammonia and are constantly developing new technologies. At the same time, we started a new journey of green methanol and completed the supply of the world’s first set of core equipment for a green methanol plant.