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Carbon Capture and Utilization

As a pioneer in green energy, e-methanol technology is not only committed to producing clean and renewable fuels, but also plays an important role in carbon capture and utilization (CCU). This technology uses innovative methods in the electronic methanol production process to effectively capture carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and then convert it into high value-added products to achieve sustainable utilization of carbon resources.

Carbon capture reduces greenhouse gas emissions by capturing carbon dioxide in exhaust gases during the production process and preventing it from being released into the atmosphere. Carbon utilization converts captured carbon dioxide into useful chemicals or fuels, enabling waste reuse and reducing the demand for traditional petrochemical resources.

E-Methanol’s carbon capture and utilization technology emphasizes innovation and sustainability. By integrating advanced catalysts and efficient reaction engineering, we are able to efficiently convert captured carbon dioxide into methanol while maintaining high product purity and quality.

This integrated approach to carbon capture and utilization not only helps reduce the environmental impact of the electronic methanol production process, but also provides a feasible technical path to achieve carbon neutrality and circular economy. Through continuous innovation, the development of electronic methanol technology in the field of carbon capture and utilization will continue to promote the progress of clean energy and contribute to a sustainable future.

Utilization of Renewable Electricity

The electronic methanol production process focuses on the full utilization of renewable energy, especially renewable electricity. We are committed to building a green and clean production ecosystem, using electricity from renewable energy sources such as solar energy and wind energy to provide sustainable power for the preparation of electronic methanol.

In the process, we capture nature’s abundant energy resources through advanced solar photovoltaic and wind power generation systems. The application of this renewable electricity aims to reduce the carbon footprint of overall production and reduce reliance on traditional electricity sources, thereby promoting the sustainable development of clean energy.

Direct Conversion

Electronic methanol technology is unique in the energy sector and is unique in that it enables a direct energy conversion process. Through advanced electrolysis and catalysis technology, we are able to directly convert renewable electricity and carbon dioxide into high-purity electronic methanol without going through tedious intermediate steps.

In the direct conversion of e-methanol, renewable electricity is used for the electrolysis of water to produce green hydrogen. Subsequently, this green hydrogen and carbon dioxide are directly converted into electronic methanol through an efficient catalytic reaction. This process is direct and efficient, greatly simplifying the complexity of energy conversion, while reducing energy loss and improving overall efficiency.