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KAPSOM Green Ammonia R&D

KAPSOM is unwaveringly dedicated to technological innovation, considering it as our vital lifeline. Our company boasts a proficient Research and Development(R&D) team specializing in green energy technology, constituting over 20% of ourtotal workforce. Within this team, more than 75% hold master’s or doctoraldegrees. Furthermore, our commitment to innovation is evident in our annual R&D investment,which exceeds 30% of our total operating income.

Empower Innovation and Create Green Solutions

Ammonia Synthesis Reactor

KAPSOM's modular green ammonia reactors offer excellent scalability and cost-efficiency through standardized modules. The modular design simplifies maintenance and upgrades, makes the operation of individual components more convenient, and improves energy efficiency. In addition, KAPSOM Modular Reactors offer customizable solutions to meet specific project needs and operational requirements.

Smart System

KAPSOM's smart system includes smart screen remote HMI and multi-camera monitoring, which will effectively reduce the burden of on-site work and successfully eliminate data islands within the green ammonia plant, providing operators with comprehensive and intuitive real-time information to further promote Intelligent and digital management of the green ammonia production process.

Ammonia Catalysts

KAPSOM catalyst uses iron-based catalysts, which are suitable for industrial processes such as ammonia cracking and meet diversified market demands. The flexibility of the catalyst enables it to adapt to different application scenarios, improving its applicability in industry. The design of iron-based catalysts helps improve the efficiency of ammonia cracking reactions and achieve higher conversion rates and selectivity by optimizing catalyst performance.

Customized Production

KAPSOM Customized Production manufactures products based on the specific needs and requirements of customers to meet personalized market demands. Advanced production technologies and management methods contribute to maintaining a relatively high level of production efficiency, while the application of automation and digital technologies further enhances the efficiency of customized production.

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Empower Innovation and Create Green Solutions