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Vision, Mission & Values

We’re working towards shared goals at KAPSOM: to create a green planet together,to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers and be the top one in green ammonia.

The company serves a variety of renewable energy markets and ultimately flows into end markets servincmilions of households, such as chemicals and energy, food, transportation, healthcare, manufacturing,metals and mining. We provides the most advanced power-to-x solutions, such as green ammonia, greenhydrogen, green methanol, etc, to make our planet more sustainable.

Our Vision

To Create A Green Planet

Our Mission

Continuously Innovating Green & Carbon Free Technology

Our Values

Honesty-As Benjamin Franklin said, honesty is the best policy. At KAPSOM, we believe in honesty, which not only includes direct honesty with customers and colleagues, but also advocates honesty with ourselves. This is the first rule of thumb for joining our team.

Innovation-Creativity is thinking up new things,and innovation is doing new things. Innovation has always been engraved in KAPSOM’s genes. It is as essential as air to humans and water to fish. It is precisely this that makes our products and technologies always at the forefront of similar products.


Teamwork-“No one can play a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it”. The importance of collaboration is self-evident and we embrace teamwork.