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Brazilian ARAM visits Kempthorne

Discussion on Green Fertilizer in Brazil Between ARAM & KAPSOM

On May 23, 2023, Brazil ARAM CEO PAULO and Investor Relations Director THIAGO visited KAPSOM. Kelvin Yuan, general manager of KAPSOM, received Paulo and his party.

In recent years, with the rapid economic growth, the supply of fossil energy in Brazil has become increasingly tight, and both coal and natural gas need to be imported in large quantities. In order to reduce the dependence on foreign fossil energy and cultivate the new economic growth point of renewable energy, the Brazilian government plans to reduce the proportion of hydro-power installed capacity to 56% by 2030, and increase the proportion of wind power and solar power to 11.6% respectively. and 3.3%.

The wave of green energy development has swept Brazil. In July 2022, Unigel, Brazil’s largest nitrogen fertilizer producer, announced plans to build a green hydrogen production plant in the state of Bahia in northeastern Brazil, with an initial investment of US$120 million tons, and the annual output of green ammonia will reach 60,000 tons. The company will start the second-phase construction plan in 2025, by which time the annual output of green hydrogen and green ammonia will increase by 4 times, and the production scale of green ammonia after completion is expected to reach 240,000 tons/year .

ARAM is a company dedicated to providing high-quality raw materials and structured financial solutions to Brazilian agribusiness. During this visit to KAPSOM, the two parties mainly communicated and exchanged views on green ammonia, green urea and other green fertilizer industry markets and their development prospects in Brazil. ARAM plans to start two sets of green urea projects in northeastern Brazil in 2024, mainly using the rich scenery resources of the seaside to develop green fertilizers. By then, the annual output of a single set of equipment will reach 20,000 tons of green ammonia and 34,000 tons of green urea per year.

This communication with ARAM has given us a better understanding of the Brazilian green fertilizer market. The superior natural resource conditions in the northeastern region of Brazil help the Brazilian to join the global green energy track faster and better. The participation of far-sighted companies such as Unigel and ARAM has made Brazil’s green fertilizer a leader in the world.

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