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Columbia Green Ammonia Unit Project Promotion Meeting Held as Scheduled

Promotion Meeting of Green Ammonia Plant Project in Columbia Held as Scheduled

On the afternoon of April 7, 2023, the Design Department organized the Columbia Green Ammonia Project Promotion Meeting as scheduled to summarize the progress of the project, ensure the alignment of key information, and clarify the direction of the next step. All relevant department management and executive staff attended the meeting.

Different from the layout and construction of traditional chemical industrial parks, this project is located in Colombia, which is rich in hydro energy. This project is also the first time in Colombia to use the abandoned water of local hydro-power stations to generate green ammonia, with the plant capacity of 5 tons per day.

In order to minimize the owner’s investment cost, improve the digital intelligence level of the device, and reduce the operating cost and difficulty, this project will use the latest third-generation green ammonia plant launched by KAPSOM. The project promotion closely focused on the theme of “how to provide customers with the best quality products under the limited conditions within a given time”, specify the deadline for detailed design completion, equipment procurement and manufacturing standards, and arrange later delivery and on-site installation commissioning matters. All departments strictly follow the principle that “the interests of customers are always listed before the interests of the company”, and arrange follow-up work by coordinating internal and external resources.

The plant is expected to be unveiled in Colombia around August this year, and domestic and foreign customers are welcome to visit the site at that time.

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