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Capesol Launches Green Ammonia 3.0 Production Facility

From Stable to Smart Operation | KAPSOM Unveils Green Ammonia 3.0 Production Facility

In the context of carbon neutrality, the development of energy is shifting from carbon-based energy to silicon-based energy, and then towards green energy. Global deep decarbonization cannot be achieved without the involvement of green ammonia. As early as 2020, KAPSOM began integrating resources and strategically positioning itself in the green ammonia sector to achieve the sustainable development transformation. In recent years, leveraging our core green ammonia technology and critical equipment, KAPSOM has been assisting in the implementation of several global green ammonia projects and continuously intensifying efforts in successfully developing green ammonia 3.0 production units.

Staying our original intention: Constantly Innovating in Ammonia Production

Since KAPSOM’s establishment, it has remained dedicated to research in the field of ammonia production, continuously innovating and deepening its expertise. KAPSOM’s foundation lies in applied research, with an annual investment in research and development exceeding 10% of total revenue, along with close collaborations with domestic design institutes and research institutions.

In 2020, KAPSOM entered the field of green chemical engineering, conducting research and promoting the adoption of green hydrogen-based green ammonia production technology. KAPSOM played a pivotal role in facilitating the world’s first semi-commercial green ammonia project. However, sources of green electricity such as wind and solar power exhibit instability, posing challenges for green ammonia production. To address this issue, KAPSOM has innovatively developed a flexible ammonia production system capable of adapting to various energy sources, matching the rapid fluctuations of renewable energy.

Improving Performance: Providing Optimal Solutions for Customers

Distinguished from traditional large-scale ammonia production plants, distributed small-scale green ammonia facilities face challenges such as significant production load fluctuations, remote and inaccessible project locations, limited space within individual units, and the handling of flammable and toxic substances like H2 and NH3. These factors increase the workload and complexity of on-site maintenance and repairs. To enhance the management efficiency of green ammonia facilities, reduce on-site operational tasks, and eliminate data silos within these facilities, KAPSOM has introduced the latest innovation, Green Ammonia Facility 3.0, which features an intelligent remote operations and maintenance management system.

  • Electronic dashboards: These reduce the difficulty and workload of on-site maintenance and greatly enhance the accuracy and efficiency of plant operation and maintenance.
  • Remote terminals: Equipped with real-time process chart monitoring, process data analysis and playback, trend analysis, data queries, alarm management, message notifications, comprehensive reporting, and remote operational capabilities.
  • Video surveillance system: Provides crucial decision-making support for on-site emergencies.

Leading the Way: Participating in Multiple International Demonstration Projects

Amidst the century’s fervor for carbon neutrality and carbon neutrality, countries around the world are actively searching for next-generation energy technologies. Green ammonia is emerging as a recent global focal point. As a clean energy source, its future applications are diverse. Apart from traditional agricultural and industrial uses, it primarily includes areas such as co-firing in power generation, maritime fuels, carbon sequestration, and hydrogen storage.

According to a report on the green ammonia market published by the globally renowned market research and consulting firm Future Market Insights, it is projected that the global green ammonia market will grow at an astonishing rate of 90% in the next decade, reaching $5.4 billion by 2030. Numerous international and domestic companies are vying to establish their presence in this market. As of October 2023, statistics show that approximately 120 green ammonia projects have been announced globally, with nearly a quarter of them specifying exact operational timelines. Currently, there are a total of six operational projects, with one-third of these projects having been designed and supplied by KAPSOM, and this figure is expected to further increase by 2024.

KAPSOM has never been content with its position as a chemical company but has consistently strived to become a technology-driven enterprise. In the future, we will continue to innovate in the field of deep integration of electricity, hydrogen, and ammonia, leading in the decentralized renewable energy-flexible ammonia production technology. We will expand into more application scenarios, exploring a new path for high-quality industrial development and low-carbon transformation by coupling agriculture, industry, transportation, and energy power through the “green hydrogen + green ammonia” model.


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