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Capesol signs up to launch South America’s first green ammonia project

First Green Ammonia Plant Project in the South America Launched by Kapsom


Recently a 5TPD Green ammonia plant project was launched by KAPSOM.  will build the first green ammonia plant worth around USD 3 million for Hevolucion-Colombia, an enterprise made up of some Colombian venture capital companies to explore green chemical industries. The production of hydrogen, one of its main raw materials, will be powered by the curtailment of local hydropower plants.


Having hydro energy as the main source to produce ammonia will guarantee the supply of nitrogenous fertilizers for Colombian agriculture while minimizing reliance on imported gray ammonia produced using natural gas.


Green ammonia can be produced by using green hydrogen from wasted hydro and PSA nitrogen production process.


The project is based on waste water production of green hydrogen and PSA nitrogen production to synthesize green ammonia. Thans to the unique containerized design, the entire project only takes 8 months.


The 5TPD green ammonia plant, unveiled in April 2023, is planned to be put into operation in 2023 and become Colombia’s first green ammonia plant.

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