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Collaboration to Address Hydrogen Storage and Transportation Issues

Cooperating to Solve Hydrogen Storage and Transportation Problem

On September 14, 2022, Deputy General Manager Dong Weijia and her team, were invited to visit ADF. Management of ADF welcomed and received KAPSOM’s visiting party.

During the meeting, the two sides conducted comprehensive exchanges on green ammonia technology. AFD is a professional technology-based enterprise with liquid ammonia transportation services as its main business. Its idea of relying on ammonia energy transportation to solve the problem of hydrogen energy storage and transportation coincides with KAPSOM.

As a chemical engineering company with green chemical industry as its development direction, the green ammonia plant plays an important role in KAPSOM’s green chemical chain. In recent years, with the rapid development of domestic green energy, there has been a boom in hydrogen energy, but the problems of high cost and difficulty in hydrogen energy storage and transportation have not been solved. The idea of using ammonia energy as hydrogen storage and transportation carrier is an important magic weapon to solve this problem.

By exchanging business scopes with each other, ADF and KAPSOM reached a consensus that “will take green ammonia as the main development line, complement each other’s advantages, share resources, and achieve win-win cooperation”.

Then Mrs. Dong invited Mr. Chen and his team to visit our 1,500 TPY skid-mounted green ammonia plant that will be exported to Saudi Arabia. We two sides are full of confidence in the future development and cooperation.

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