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Executive Vice President of Henan Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association Visits KAPSOM

Executive Vice President of Henan Petroleum & Chemical Industry Association Visited KAPSOM

On September 7, 2022, Mr. Su Dong, executive vice president of Henan Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, came to KAPSOM for technical exchanges and guidance.

After listening to KAPSOM’s report on the application of new miniaturized skid-mounted devices in green chemical industry, Mr. Su expressed his appreciation for the multi-scenario design ideas, modular construction concepts and industrialization results of our skid-mounted device.

This miniaturized skid-mounted devices designed by KAPSOM has a wide range of applications. It is not only suitable for green chemical industry – the application of green ammonia and green methanol, but also in iron and steel, chlor-alkali, cement and other industries with excess hydrogen enrichment, comprehensive utilization of hydrogen in coke oven gas tail gas, and desulfurization, denitration, decarbonation, etc. by using ammonia method., etc.

Mr. Su believes that the market for skid-mounted device is promising, and KAPSOM need to do a lot in device optimization. It can provide direction and technical support for the domestic green chemical industry chain and solve some hydrogen conversion in traditional chemical industry. Mr. Su Dong said that it is really “a small device with a big purpose”.

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