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Fenix Group visits Kapsom

Fenix Group’s Visit to Kapsom

On  June 30th, 2021, President of Fenix Technologies, Richard K. Hulme visited Kapsom. Fenix is a fast developing technical company in the field of clean solid fuel.  Fenix’s head office is located in California state, USA.

Fenix provides leading and amazing solutions of developing clean solid fuel from low caloric value coal ash. In recent years, Fenix is developing fast in China with its production units in the west of China.

Discussion on cooperation opportunities

Kelvin Yuan, managing director of Kapsom, introduced Kapsom to Mr. Hulme. Kapsom is engineering company, providing solutions for the construction of entire factory. Not only know-how, engineering design, but also the supply of complete equipment and construction management services.

Kapsom follow strict quality control policies during the entire project implementation period.

Professional Engineering Management System – engineering deliverables covering all disciplines.

Equipment Manufacturing – Kapsom’s equipment manufacturing workshop is certificated with ASME standards.


Construction management – construction on site for the management of civil work, erection, installation and etc.

Mr. Yuan also make a brief introduction of Kapsom’s solution for ammonia synthesis, methanol synthesis and etc.

“I’m glad that Kapsom follow professional engineering management polices and glad to hear that Kapsom is able to provide turn-key services for the complete plant for clients. We expected for a cooperation with Kapsom in the near future. —Mr. Hulme Says”

By a nice discussion, Fenix and Kapsom have a better understanding about each other and both company are willing to extend the cooperation field.

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