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Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, Mr. Zhang Dongke, visited Kempiso.

Warmly Welcome Academician of the Australian Academy of Technical Sciences and Engineering Dongke Zhang to Visit KAPSOM

On August 9, 2023, Dongke Zhang, an academician of the Australian Academy of Technical Science and Engineering, visited KAPSOM as a consultant to a leading new energy company in Western Australia, and conducted a two-day meeting on topics such as green ammonia projects and the Australian green energy market. Kelvin Yuan, general manager of KAPSOM, received and had a pleasant communication with him.

Academician profile

Zhang Dongke, an Australian Academy of Technical Science and Engineering Fellow, professor at the University of Western Australia, and founder/director of the Energy Research Center there. He was named one of Engineers Australia’s top 100 most influential engineers in 2011.

His primary research areas include clean coal combustion and power generation, coal pyrolysis, coking, gasification, liquefaction, natural gas utilization and coal, gas-to-oil conversion technology; carbon dioxide capture and emission reduction technology; high-temperature thermal metallurgy. Notably, he specializes in renewable energy fields like biomass and organic waste utilization, urban waste, sewage sludge gasification, oil production, combustion, biogas technology; basic research and technological development of industrial catalysts; hydrogen technology and hydrogen energy; hydrogen energy economy; Ammonia and methanol as hydrogen carriers; industrial catalysts; direct reduction ironmaking with hydrogen and ammonia as reducing agents, etc.

Western Australia: The natural advantages of geographical location are prominent, and the green energy market takes off with policy support

As a leading renewable energy company in Western Australia, the company boasts extensive experience offering zero-emission solutions to both domestic and international markets. They focus on delivering renewable energy solutions to customers through solar photovoltaics, wind turbines, hydrogen, fuel cell technology, and biomass utilization.


Due to its abundant natural resources and world-class industrial ecosystem, Western Australia is hailed as a global energy hub. In recent years, the state government has actively promoted green energy development through various means, leading to the implementation of multiple green energy projects. In 2020, the Western Australian government earmarked a $56.3 million investment for the deployment of solar power facilities, as part of its new renewable energy initiative. In December 2022, the government pledged $22.5 million to streamline green energy approval processes. In May 2023, the Western Australian government declared its allocation of nearly AUD 3 billion in the 2023-2024 state budget to drive the achievement of net-zero emissions by 2050.

Notably, a new project proposal called the “Western Green Energy Hub” (WGEH) has been approved, signaling Western Australia’s potential to become the location for the world’s largest green hydrogen initiative. This project envisions the deployment of up to 50 GW of solar and wind power generation, producing as much as 3.5 million tons of green hydrogen or 20 million tons of ammonia annually.

Exploring Western Australia’s Green Hydrogen and Ammonia Market

During Dongke Zhang’s visit to KAPSOM, both parties engaged in technical discussions and business communications regarding the energy company’s short-term and medium-to-long-term green ammonia project strategic plans. We also exchanged views on topics including catalyst technology for synthetic ammonia and the Western Australian green energy market. Both sides agreed that leveraging Western Australia’s advantageous geographical position and natural resources, coupled with strong support from the Western Australian government, green hydrogen and green ammonia are poised for vigorous development in the Western Australian market.

KAPSOM is honored to engage in discussions and cooperation with such strategically-minded and socially responsible enterprises. We are eager to collaborate with these outstanding companies to support Western Australia in leading the global renewable hydrogen industry, driving a robust economic future for the state and contributing to worldwide decarbonization efforts.

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