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Fuda Zijin Hydrogen Technology Management Visited KAPSOM

Management of Fuda Zijin Hydrogen Energy Technology Visited KAPSOM

On December 8, 2022, Zhang Qing, general manager of Fuda Zijin, and his team visited KAPSOM. Kelvin Yuan, managing director of KAPSOM, received Mr. Zhang and his team.

Fuda Zijin take the lead in ammonia synthesis and “ammonia-hydrogen” conversion catalytic technology with the aid of Fuzhou University. At present, it is vigorously promoting green chemical industry, building a national-level “ammonia-hydrogen” energy industry innovation team, and developing a “zero-carbon cycle” trillion-level industrial chain integrating green ammonia industry, hydrogen energy industry and renewable energy industry.

In recent years, KAPSOM has also made major breakthroughs in the research and development of green ammonia technology and integrated green ammonia plant. And it obtained a number of green ammonia technology patents. KAPSOM is committed to applying it to practical projects and truly transforming scientific research achievements into industrial value.

The two sides exchanged their respective green ammonia technologies during the visit of Mr. Zhang and his team to strengthen mutual understanding in the field of green chemical industry. We are deeply impressed by Fuda Zijin’s major breakthrough in ammonia cracking technology, and look forward to all-round and multi-field technical cooperation with Fuda Zijin and its research institutes in the future.

Dong Weijia, deputy general manager of KAPSOM, accompanied Mr. Zhang and his team to visit the green ammonia plant in our factory after the meeting. Mr. Zhang and his party are very optimistic about the prospect of miniaturized skid-mounted plant, and hope that they can conduct matching research with ruthenium-based catalysts in the future, so as to jointly promote the development of the green ammonia industry.

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