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Green ammonia empowers sustainable agricultural development

Green Ammonia Empowers Agricultural Sustainable Development

Fertilizer is an indispensable production auxiliary material in modern agriculture. How to establish a green agricultural development system on a global scale is a problem that every chemical company needs to think about and solve. In recent years, Kapsom has paid great attention to the market demand for carbon emission and carbon neutrality, and has continuously developed and designed new green chemical plants.

In order to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality as soon as possible and build a sustainable future, governments and enterprises around the world are actively developing green energy. Among them, ammonia is regarded by the international community as a promising future energy source due to its convenient storage, transportation, and pollution-free characteristics. Ammonia burns without releasing carbon dioxide, liquefies without cooling to extreme temperatures, and has a higher energy density than hydrogen. Therefore, ammonia is essential to achieve decarbonized production of fertilizers.

As a green technology energy company dedicated to providing sustainable development, Kapsom attaches great importance to agricultural sustainability and actively promotes the development of green agriculture and regenerative agriculture. In 2017, we successively carried out the design and research of green ammonia, green hydrogen and green methanol technologies and devices. Green hydrogen technology is crucial for the production of green ammonia, which in turn is an important raw material for the production of green fertilizers. In view of the current upstream and downstream layout of the industry, as well as the complete ammonia production and transportation capacity, Kapsom has a great advantage in leading the green ammonia market.

Innovation leads the future of green chemical industry, which is the philosophy and direction that Kapsom has always adhered to. In the future, we will work with more partners in the industry to help the application of green ammonia technology in fertilizer production, shipping fuel and other fields, empower the green ammonia economy, and provide technical support for the energy conservation and carbon reduction goals of countries around the world.

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