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Green ammonia technology exchange with Prof. Wang of Xiamen University

Technical Exchange on Green Ammonia with Xiamen University Professor Wang

On October 9th, 2022, Professor Wang Zhaolin from the School of Energy, Xiamen University visited Nanjing KAPSOM Engineering Co., Ltd. and visited our skid-mounted green ammonia plant to be shipped.

Professor Wang has been engaged in the development and promotion of hydrogen-ammonia energy fusion technology for more than 20 years. He focuses on the research of energy power technology using ammonia as the hydrogen-carrying medium. As one of the leaders in the popularization and application of ammonia fuel in China, he can be called the pioneer of ammonia fuel of China. He is optimistic about the current international and domestic development path of green ammonia as an energy source, and is full of confidence in the application prospects of green ammonia.

During on-site visit, Professor Wang highly appreciated the green ammonia plant designed and manufactured by KAPSOM, and highly affirmed the idea of skid-mounted model.

Since 2017, KAPSOM has been committed to the layout of the green chemical industry. We continue to invest resources to increase research and development technology, and develop the world’s first green ammonia project. In addition, we continue to invest R&D funds to continuously promote product iterative upgrades.

Based on the resource advantages of the two parties in green ammonia and the strategic planning for the future development in this industry, we hoped that strategic cooperation will be carried out through upstream and downstream linkages. And the integrated equipment for ammonia production and ammonia use will be integrated to provide customers with one-stop services.

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