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GK India visits Capesol – Exploring new opportunities for cooperation in green ammonia projects

Indian GK Visits KAPSOM | Exploring New Opportunities for Green Ammonia Project Collaboration

On November 20, 2023, the Indian renewable energy company GK visited KAPSOM. The two parties engaged in technical discussions and business negotiations regarding the Green Ammonia project initiated by GK.

Company Overview:

GK is a leading provider of energy transition and decarbonization solutions in India, primarily engaged in the development and operation of clean energy projects. Headquartered in Hyderabad, the company focuses on establishing a diversified power portfolio independent of traditional fuels. Its goal is to achieve grid parity and contribute to the country’s transition to a carbon-neutral power structure by transforming renewable energy from real-time sources into dispatchable and controllable mediums through digitalization and storage solutions. Currently, GK boasts a net installed capacity of 7.5 GWdc across 15 states in India. The company has ambitious plans to construct a 975 MW circular power station. By delivering utility-scale, clean, and affordable energy, GK addresses India’s long-term energy security needs, leading the country’s energy market towards digitization, decarbonization, and decentralization.


India, ranked as the world’s fifth-largest economy and among the fastest-growing major economies globally, presents a tremendous outlook for domestic energy demand growth. The country, with significant potential in renewable energy development, is actively leveraging various production incentives introduced by the government. This effort aims to propel the establishment and growth of emerging industries such as green hydrogen, solar energy, photovoltaic components, wind energy, among others. These initiatives are undertaken to meet the escalating energy requirements while simultaneously achieving India’s self-imposed emission reduction goals under the Paris Agreement. The collective goal is to drive the transformation of the energy landscape towards a renewable, low-carbon, and environmentally sustainable paradigm.


Green ammonia, as a clean energy source, has a wide range of future applications. In addition to traditional agricultural and industrial uses, its energy and storage properties make it highly promising in new markets such as power fuels, clean electricity, and hydrogen storage carriers. As a leader in the renewable energy field, GK is committed to positioning green ammonia as a strategic extension of its transition from fossil fuels to clean energy. This initiative not only allows for the diversification of its renewable energy products but also reduces business risks in specific energy sectors and enhances its ability to withstand market fluctuations. Furthermore, it keeps GK at the forefront of technological innovation in the renewable energy sector.


During this visit to KAPSOM, the two parties primarily exchanged opinions on the technical and business aspects of the project’s preliminary stage. They also engaged in discussions regarding the green ammonia market in India. Following the meeting, GK was invited to tour our green ammonia equipment manufacturing plant, and they expressed appreciation and approval for KAPSOM’s highly integrated intelligent green ammonia equipment and its rapid delivery capabilities.


This exchange is not only a crucial step for both parties in jointly promoting sustainable energy development but also provides new momentum for the India green ammonia market.

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