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General Layout Design Training

Organizing specialized training on master plan layout design by KAPSOM

In order to further enhance the overall layout design capabilities of KAPSOM and enable its designers to have a more comprehensive understanding of the interconnections and constraints among various disciplines. On August 26, 2023, KAPSOM organized the first phase of training for site layout design. The training mainly provided detailed explanations on commonly used specifications and standards for layout design, layout principles and elements, landscaping and protective engineering, typical issues with high error rates in site transportation design, and relevant calculation methods.

The complexity and importance of master plan design are self-evident. The design needs to not only meet the land use indicators and building volume requirements set by the main process flow and developers’ requests but also adhere to various regulations from national, local, and industry standards. Additionally, it must align with principles such as efficient pipeline and road layout, convenient transportation routes, rational separation of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, dependable fire safety, and aesthetically pleasing environmental greenery.

The training event invited Senior Master Planner Engineer, Ms. Fu Jie, to deliver lectures in person. All process personnel and other relevant professionals from KAPSOM participated in this training activity. During the course of the training, the expert instructor systematically presented theoretical knowledge related to master plan design and combined it with practical case studies to distill key and challenging aspects of layout design. The content of the lectures was both accessible and professional, enabling everyone to gain a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of master plan layout design through the sharing process.

The rationality of the layout of production facilities directly affects a company’s input-output ratio and the resulting economic benefits. Through this specialized training, our design and process personnel have gained a deeper understanding and awareness of master plan layout. Building upon a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge, we will further enhance our design capabilities. In the subsequent stages of project master plan design, we will continue to strictly adhere to the principle of “optimizing layout for efficiency, conserving land, prioritizing safety, and meeting future development needs.” We will consistently uphold the core principle of “placing customer interests first” throughout the entirety of the project.

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