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HAZOP Analysis Meeting for DGHV Green Ammonia Project in West Africa Successfully Held

Successful HAZOP Analysis Meeting for West Africa’s Pioneering Green Ammonia Project

KAPSOM successfully hosted a pivotal three-day HAZOP (Hazard and Operability) analysis meeting for the groundbreaking West Africa DGHV Green Ammonia Project from November 28 to November 30, 2023. This meeting brought together experts in production management, process engineering, safety, equipment, electrical, and instrumentation, alongside representatives from the project’s ownership group.

Project Introduction

The West Africa DGHV Green Ammonia Project, utilizing green hydrogen and atmospheric nitrogen, is set to become Africa’s first fully dynamic carbon-neutral green synthetic ammonia facility. This initiative represents a significant step in sustainable energy development, with its first phase boasting a capacity of 1.5 GW, supported by funding from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and local governments. The project is primarily focused on the production of green hydrogen and ammonia, along with their derivatives.

During the HAZOP analysis meeting, which also included online participation from the project owner’s design institute, KAPSOM’s specialists meticulously examined each unit of the project. The team conducted a thorough analysis of potential deviations from the designed process conditions to identify hazards and address operability concerns.


This collaborative effort resulted in a comprehensive evaluation of various process conditions. The meeting concluded with a detailed summary of the risk analysis and a set of recommended safety measures. The review confirmed that all process flows are within safe and manageable limits, with no significant hazards detected.


Moving forward, KAPSOM is committed to rigorously tracking, reviewing, and implementing each recommended measure to align the ammonia synthesis unit’s safety and operability with the project owner’s expectations. The successful completion of the HAZOP analysis not only demonstrates KAPSOM’s dedication to safety and thorough planning but also lays a solid foundation for the smooth advancement of this landmark green energy project.

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