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Hydrogen Energy Industry Technology Center of Dongfang Boiler Co.

Discussion on Potential of Green Ammonia Technology in Achieving the Goal of “Carbon Neutrality”

On February 15, 2023, Chen Ming, director of the Hydrogen Energy Industry Technology Center of Dongfang Boiler Co., Ltd., and his team visited KAPSOM. Dong Weijia, executive deputy general manager of KAPSOM, received Chen Ming and his party.

Dongfang Boiler is one of the two major entities operating hydrogen energy business under Dongfang Electric. Under the current background of new energy development, it vigorously promotes the hydrogen energy industry. Dongfang Boiler also relies on abundant domestic renewable resources to carry out interconnection in multiple industries such as hydropower, wind energy, photovoltaics, energy storage, hydrogen energy, environmental protection and so on.

KAPSOM focuses on the technology integration of the green ammonia industry chain and the manufacture of synthetic ammonia equipment, and is constantly updated and iterated in this process. The product structure has been improved from skid-mounted to container-based, and the degree of intelligence has been continuously upgraded, and four standard series of products have been developed .

This visit expressed their interest in the status quo of green ammonia technology. Mr. Chen and his party also showed their appreciation for the use of skid-mounted ideas to realize the green application of distributed resources, and hoped that Dongfang Boiler would also join in it later.

After the meeting, the two sides reached the following consensus. It is hoped that the two parties can carry out extensive cooperation in new energy in the later period, complement each other’s advantages and form a strong alliance. With green ammonia as the entry point, a demonstration plant will be established to jointly help the green industry development goals of “carbon neutrality and carbon peak” to be successfully realized.

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