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International Center for Hydrogen Energy management visit to KAPSOM

Management of International Hydrogen Energy Center Visited KAPSOM

On July 25, 2022, the director of the Application R&D Center of the International Hydrogen Energy Center of Tsinghua ITRI and its researchers visited KAPSOM for technical exchanges and guidance.

Hydrogen energy is a key area that Tsinghua Industrial Research Institute is preparing to conquer. In 2019, with the support of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology and the International Exchange Center of the Ministry of Commerce, the Tsinghua Institute of Industrial Technology and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization cooperated to build an international hydrogen energy center. Relying on the scientific and technological innovation resources of Tsinghua Institute of Technology and the global cooperation network of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the International Hydrogen Energy Center has successfully completed the establishment of the organization. At present, the construction and operation of the International Hydrogen Energy Center has been fully carried out, and the world’s top scientific research institutions and leading enterprises are jointly carrying out hydrogen energy technology research and development, equipment development and application demonstration. The next step will be to establish the International Hydrogen Energy Center pilot base.

Seeking Industrialization of Hydrogen & Ammonia Industry Chain

One purpose of visiting KAPSOM this time is to gain an in-depth understanding of our green ammonia technology. In recent years, KAPSOM has been committed to the research and development of green ammonia plants, and has always followed the development principles of differentiation, refinement and intelligence, from system technology, equipment manufacturing to overall skid-mounted product construction.

We visited the skid-mounted device under construction in our factory, and our products left a deep impression on them. At the same time, we discussed how to upgrade the existing skid-mounted device. The next day, technicians from both parties discussed topics such as how to response and adjust green ammonia plant quicky and effectively when getting green power fluctuation warning, and how to our equipment to meet the production characteristics of distributed ammonia synthesis.

Energy is an important proposition in human development, and green hydrogen energy will play an important role in the future society. At present, the technical constraints and economical application of hydrogen energy have yet to be overcome. KAPSOM looks forward to cooperating with Tsinghua Institute of Technology and the International Hydrogen Energy Center in the future to find entry points in the hydrogen and ammonia industry chain and other application fields, and jointly build a hydrogen and ammonia display platform in the International Hydrogen Energy Center.

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