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ICT developer discusses green methanol technology with KAPSOM

Discussion on Green Methanol Technology Between ICT Developer and KAPSOM

On November 2, 2022, Ji Xiang, vice president of Shanghai ICT Developer Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and management of the company visited KAPSOM. The two parties had in-depth exchanges on green methanol technology. Kelvin Yuan, general manager of KAPSOM, received Mr. Ji and his team.

In recent years, ICT Developer has combined technical resources with engineering implementation relying on the green methanol catalyst technology researched and developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Advanced Research Institute. Based on the technology path of hydrocarbon coupling, it creates a future ecosystem supported by low-carbon technology and provides global solutions for the utilization of carbon resources.

The green methanol plant also plays an important part in KAPSOM’s green chemical industry chain. In June 2022, we reached an agreement with a Danish renewable energy company to undertake two green methanol projects with an annual output of 20,000 tons. The project uses “wind and solar” and other renewable energy sources to split water to produce green hydrogen, and then add green hydrogen to carbon dioxide to produce methanol. After the project is completed, it will not only achieve carbon emission reduction, but also produce green and low-carbon fuels, which will help greatly reduce air pollution and fully realize the high-value comprehensive utilization of resources.

There are two key points to pay attention to in carbon dioxide hydrogenation to methanol: one is carbon dioxide to methanol catalyst, and the other is the research and development of methanol reactor. The difficulty of the catalyst lies in its conversion rate and selectivity. After several years of research and development, Shanghai Advanced Research Institute has completed catalyst development, performance optimization, stability experiments and catalyst amplification, and completed a 5,000-ton/year pilot test. KAPSOM is tackling the issue of skid-mounted integration of methanol core reactors and devices. In the follow-up, the two parties will jointly promote the commercialization and industrialization of green methanol through the cooperation and optimization of these two aspects.

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