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Innovative development of Kapsom containerized ammonia units

Innovative R&D of Containerized Ammonia Plant in KAPSOM

Ammonia is an important chemical raw material for modern industrial and agricultural fertilizers, and one of the main carriers of hydrogen energy. At the beginning of the 20th century, the proposal and application of the Haber-Bosch method initiated the large-scale industrialization of ammonia synthesis.

With the intensification of global warming and the proposal of the “dual carbon” goal, it has become an inevitable trend to find appropriate green alternatives to achieve low energy consumption, low emissions, sustainable and efficient ammonia production. Green ammonia came into being.

Containerized Ammonia Plant In KAPSOM

In order to implement the strategy of developing green chemical industry, we have invested in the construction of a skid-mounted device R&D and production center in Anhui. Kapsom has designed and produced the second-generation skid-mounted ammonia plant successful, and served as a pioneer in the R&D of containerized ammonia plants. The main equipment, including synthesis towers, heat exchangers, compressors, etc. will be produced and tested in the factory.

The advantages of the containerized ammonia plant are mainly reflected in the following points:

❖ Reduce the owner’s investment and management costs: the equipment is highly prefabricated and pre-installed, and the owner does not need to build a workshop or on-site installation and other construction operations;

❖ Reduce the project construction period: the equipment delivery period is about 3~5 months, and the on-site construction and commissioning is 1~2 months. It can be completed and put into production in the fastest 8 months.

❖ Conservation of land: the area of a single container is only about 30 square meters;

At present, Kapsom has developed four standard series of synthetic ammonia plant products of 2000 tons/year, 5000 tons/year, 10000 tons/year and 20000 tons/year. At the same time, our R&D personnel are developing the skid-mounted standardized designs for three medium and large capacity synthetic ammonia plants of 50,000 tons/year, 100,000 tons/year and 200,000 tons/year.

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