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International Operations Department Training

Successful Conclusion of the KAPSOM ‘Iron Triangle’ Training Camp 2023

Achievement through learning, expertise through extensive research, achievers through training. From August 30th to September 1st, 2023, KAPSOM conducted a three-day training program for the first phase of the “Iron Triangle” training camp. The purpose of this training is to further enhance the professional capabilities of our international business team, promote high-quality development of international business, optimize business processes, strengthen the construction of the “Iron Triangle” team, and improve cross-departmental collaboration efficiency, thereby providing customers with higher quality and more efficient services.

Opening Rally

As the training began, a series of carefully selected creative mini-games ignited the entire audience. In this process, every effort, every seamless coordination, and every desire for success gradually improved the collaborative abilities among partners. Through a series of games that kicked off this training journey, not only did everyone deepen their bonds in practice, but they also gained an appreciation for the importance of teamwork, making this training event a perfect start.

Enhancing Team Cohesion

Aligning the organizational structure with customer needs is a crucial strategy for a company’s success. Customer Managers, Solution Managers, and Delivery Managers must engage in close communication and information sharing to ensure that customer requirements are not overlooked and that solutions genuinely meet customer demands. To foster cross-departmental collaboration skills among trainees, this training session has invited the managers of the International Engineering Department and Engineering Design Department to personally conduct the classes. From explaining the concept, positioning, and quantification of market maps to covering multiple aspects such as green synthetic ammonia process flow, design solutions, calculation methods, and more, this training encompasses both business and technical aspects. From business training to technical refinement, from departmental collaboration to building the “Iron Triangle” model, through the sharing of this knowledge, everyone will gain insight into how to respond rapidly and accurately to customer needs, truly embodying the principle of “customer-centric service excellence.”


Practice to Improve Training Effectiveness

In this training program, we have innovatively designed practical exercises for engineering project management. Using real negotiation projects as models, we conduct full-cycle simulated exercises around the critical phases of engineering project negotiations. By comprehensively reviewing the work involved in project initial discussions, proposal development, clarification of proposals, business quotations, business negotiations, contract signing, and more, we encourage trainees to think critically, consider the big picture, enhance team collaboration skills, and improve overall management capabilities. Additionally, mentors assign tasks on-site and evaluate them based on task completion, promoting learning through assessment and increasing learning efficiency. Team members use their learning to address weaknesses, strengthen their abilities, tackle challenges, and ensure that they have a clear understanding, effective strategies, and a purposeful approach when managing projects.

Face new challenges with a positive mindset and march forward courageously.We hope that through this training, we can better promote synergy within the project“Iron Triangle”team, effectively enhance project management and performance, and contribute to the our pursuit of high-quality development.

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