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Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Technical Exchange Between Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences and KAPSOM

Under the background of vigorously promoting the development of new energy in China, domestic university research institutions are very optimistic about the future of green chemical industry. On March 1, 2023, the team of Dr. Wang from the Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences visited Nanjing KAPSOM. Dong Weijia, the executive deputy general manager of KAPSOM, received Dr. Wang Ke and his party.

Innovative Research and Development of New Catalysts

The Institute of Process Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is a unique comprehensive research institute engaged in process engineering research in my country. In the past ten years, facing the major strategic needs of greening, intelligence, and high-end process industry, a new model of science, education, industry integration and development from foundation to application has been built. The Institute of Process Manufacturing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has established the Green Process Manufacturing Innovation Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and around the national “double carbon” goal, with science as the core, it conducts research and development of innovative technologies in the field of low-carbon energy.

In recent years, the research team has aimed at the frontier of international technology and is committed to developing new catalysts suitable for the field of green ammonia. It is also hoped that through industry-university-research interaction, it will be matched with the synthesis process, synthesis device and catalytic reaction to develop a new type of electro-catalyst to improve and increase the efficiency of the existing ammonia synthesis and reduce energy consumption.


Improve Equipment Performance and Reduce Investment Costs

How to maximize the service life and operating efficiency of green ammonia equipment, reduce energy consumption, and reduce the owner’s investment and operation costs are the goals and directions that KAPSOM is committed to. Both the integrated structure design and the intelligent integrated operating system are aimed at achieving this goal. The research and development results of Dr. Wang’s team have far-reaching significance for the entire ammonia synthesis industry. We look forward to more opportunities for communication and cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the future.

We invited Dr. Wang’s team to visit the ammonia synthesis skid-mounted device designed and manufactured by KAPSOM after the meeting. The two sides further exchanged the design concept and application prospects of the green ammonia device, and are full of confidence in the follow-up cooperation.


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