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Kapsom Anhui Chuanming Industrial Equipment Factory Opening Ceremony

KAPSOM Anhui Chuanming Industrial Equipment Factory Opening Ceremony

On January 8, 2022, the opening ceremony of Kapsom Anhui Chuanming Industrial Equipment Factory was held in Lai’an County, Chuzhou City, Anhui Province. Kelvin Yuan, General Manager of Kapsom, Tu Qinggang, Deputy General Manager of Jiangsu Haiqi Technology Engineering Co., Ltd., Sun Zhihui, General Manager of Jiangsu Jiahui New Material Technology Development Co., Ltd., leaders of Zibo Rail Transit and customer representatives came to the scene, congratulations our factory was officially put into operation.

The opening ceremony was presided over by Mr. Pan Zhengzhong, director of Chuanming Industrial Equipment Factory. He briefed the guests on the situation of the factory and announced the start of the opening ceremony. The speeches of the guests were full of sincerity. With their sincere wishes and ardent expectations, they congratulated Kapsom Anhui Chuanming Factory on its successful start of construction and an early take-off.

Intelligent Factory Is Officially Put into Operation

The successful construction of the equipment factory is an important extension of Nanjing Kapsom Engineering Co., Ltd. in the industrial manufacturing chain. The new factory is strategically located, and the surrounding logistics facilities are convenient. The factory is equipped with a professional production management team, and has established a set of equipment production and processing management system in line with international standards.

Finally, Kelvin Yuan thanked the guests for coming and gave a cordial speech. During the speech, he reiterated Kapsom’s “green chemical” development strategy:

“The 21st century is an era in which green ecological economy has received unprecedented attention and development, and green chemical industry is our core development strategy”, he says.

——By Kelvin Yuan


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