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KAPSOM and Sichuan Nengtou Green Ammonia Process Exchange

Exchange on Green Ammonia Process Between KAPSOM & Sichuan Energy Investment

On October 18, 2022, management of Sichuan Energy Investment Group visited KAPSOM. Kelvin Yuan, General Manager of KAPSOM, received Mr. Guo Mingjie and his team.


During the meeting, the two sides mainly conducted in-depth exchanges on green chemical industry. Dong Weijia, Executive Vice President of KAPSOM, introduced our innovative design of green ammonia technology and the research and development ideas of skid-mounted devices to the visiting team, and shared the case of practical application of this technology in the international market.


Mr. Guo introduced the situation of Sichuan Energy Investment in the development of green chemical industry in detail. Sichuan’s topography is relatively complex, but it has the natural advantage of developing distributed small-scale green devices. Sichuan is rich in renewable energy. For example, the resources of small hydropower stations in Panzhihua are superior, and such resources can be fully utilized through cross-border coupling.


The two parties hope to make full use of the geographical advantages of Sichuan and jointly develop green chemical products with the help of KAPSOM’s skid-mounted integrated equipment, such as green ammonia and green methanol.


Afterwards, Mr. Guo and his party visited the small skid-mounted green ammonia plant designed and manufactured by us, and gained a deeper understanding of the concept of modular and integrated design as well as manufacturing. Both parties look forward to helping Sichuan Province realize the future of green energy as soon as possible.

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