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KAPSOM Attends 2022 TrendBank Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Industry Annual Conference

KAPSOM was Invited to the 2022 Green Ammonia Technology and Market Forum


On December 1st, 2022, the “2022 Green Ammonia Technology and Market Forum” organized by ASIACHEM was successfully held in Suzhou. Participants and industry experts discussed topics like: national and local hydrogen energy and green ammonia industry policies, green electricity,  cost analysis of green hydrogen and green ammonia, green ammonia demonstration projects, standards and certification of green hydrogen and green ammonia, green ammonia as a hydrogen storage and transportation carrier. Mrs. Dong Weijia, deputy general manager of KAPSOM, was invited to participate and gave a report entitled “Green Chemical Industry – Design and Application of Skid-mounted Green Ammonia Plant Engineering”.


During the forum, Mrs. Dong Weijia shared the company’s achievements in green ammonia in recent years. KAPSOM is a green chemical engineering company mainly engaged in sustainable development solutions and general contracting of projects, and has made breakthroughs in integrated green ammonia plants in particular. In 2020, we produced the world’s first green ammonia plant for our Indian clients. And our innovative skid-mounted green ammonia plant will be sent to Saudi Arabia. What’s more, the third-generation green ammonia plant of KAPSOM will be unveiled in Colombia, which is highly integrated and intelligent.


In addition, Mrs. Dong also gave a proposal on “how to eliminate the unstable impact of renewable energy power fluctuations on subsequent hydrogen and ammonia production units” proposed by the participants. KAPSOM green ammonia technology solution covers an energy storage system to combine front-end power storage and back-end gas storage, and then uses self-control means to eliminate the influence of high frequency and wide fluctuations, so as to ensure continuous, stable and safe running.


Through this exchange, professionals in this industry have a deeper understanding of the development and application prospects of green ammonia. In addition to being used as a fertilizer in agriculture, green ammonia can also be used as a storage and transport carrier for green hydrogen. And green ammonia also has the energy attribute. At present, enterprises and scientific research institutions at home and abroad are actively exploring green ammonia as a fuel for use in high-temperature kilns, power generation, ships, fuel cells and other fields.

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