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KAPSOM Invited to Green Ammonia Technology and Market Forum 2022

KAPSOM Attended the 2022 TrendBank Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Industry Annual Conference

From December 13th to 15th, 2022, the “2022 TrendBank Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Industry Annual Conference” was successfully held in Ningbo Pan Pacific Hotel. The meeting gathered hydrogen energy industry chain production, equipment, fuel cell systems, various materials related to stacks, and various hydrogen production supply chain enterprises. Hundreds of industry experts and business leaders attended the meeting. Nanjing KAPSOM Engineering Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the meeting.

The theme of this conference is “Clearing the Fog: Taking the Road to the Development of Hydrogen Energy with Chinese Characteristics”. This conference aims to thoroughly discuss the pain points of the industry through the meeting, inspire more thinking, and discuss the development strategy and layout of the hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry at home and abroad.

Dong Weijia, the executive deputy general manager of KAPSOM, was invited to give a speech on innovative technology entitled “Industrial Demonstration and Application of Skid-mounted Green Ammonia Plant” in the innovation square specially built by the conference. Through specific examples, she introduced the latest skid-mounted green ammonia plant developed by KAPSOM to the guests present. This speech greatly attracted the attention of the participants.

KAPSOM began to research and develop green ammonia technology in 2020, from the global application of the first skid-mounted green ammonia plant to the promotion of the second-generation containerized product, and then to the third-generation product that is being optimized and upgraded this year. The updated one incorporates more practical and innovative elements, such as: modular design, automation and intelligent control systems, etc.

Driven by the dual carbon goals, the development of new energy has risen to the level of national strategy. Relying on our professional R&D team, KAPSOM will continue to increase investment in technical resources to contribute to the development of green ammonia industrialization in 2023.


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