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Kempthorne-Shuangliang Strategic Agreement

KAPSOM Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Shuangliang Hydrogen Energy

On October 31, 2023, Kevin Yuan, Chairman and CEO of KAPSOM, attended the launch event of the Shuangliang Hydrogen Energy JSDJ S1 Series Alkaline Water Electrolyzer, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shuangliang Eco-Energy Systems Co.,Ltd, marking the beginning of a new chapter of in-depth collaboration between the two parties. Mr. Miao Wenbin, Chairman of Shuangliang Group, Mr. Jiang Rongfang, Vice Chairman of the Board, Mr. Wang Fagen, General Manager of Shuangliang Hydrogen Energy, as well as industry experts, domestic and international customer representatives, representatives from central state-owned enterprises, international engineering companies, industry media, and certification authorities attended the launch event and witnessed the signing ceremony.

Shuangliang Hydrogen Energy Introduction:

Shuangliang Eco-Energy Systems Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Shuangliang”) was founded in 1982. With over 40 years of dedication and innovation, it has integrated clean energy, energy conservation, environmental protection, biotechnology, and chemical new materials. Shuangliang comprises 22 wholly-owned and controlled enterprises, with Shuangliang Energy (600481.SH) and WiseHome Technology (2481.HK) listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and Hong Kong Stock Exchange, respectively. Jiangsu Shuangliang Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. relies on a robust research and development system established through the Double-Edged Group’s Academician Research Station, Postdoctoral Research Station, and National Certified Enterprise Technology Center. It specializes in the manufacturing of alkaline water electrolyzers, gas-liquid separation equipment, hydrogen purification systems, and more.


In the global context of carbon neutrality strategies, the development of renewable energy has become a crucial initiative for countries to achieve a low-carbon transformation of their energy systems, driven by strong market demand. Hydrogen, as a vital enabler for achieving green and low-carbon transformations in end-use energy consumption, along with its advantages in large-scale and long-term energy storage, plays a significant role in driving the energy consumption transformation in sectors such as transportation and industry. It also holds great significance in promoting the green development of high-energy consumption and high-emission industries and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


At the core of its green hydrogen production system, Shuangliang Hydrogen Energy introduces a comprehensive green hydrogen production solution throughout its entire lifecycle, promoting “zero carbon” energy development through a “green electricity + green hydrogen” circular model. Their latest electrolyzer product boasts a maximum hydrogen production capacity of 2000Nm³/h and leverages advanced technologies, including the Wonder Cloud/OS digital platform, AI algorithms, and integrated AIoT terminal systems. These technologies ensure the stable operation of the system under optimal conditions, with an electrolysis efficiency exceeding 89%, and hydrogen purity exceeding 99.99995% after purification.


Ammonia energy is a novel energy source based on ammonia. It can both integrate with hydrogen energy to address major bottlenecks in hydrogen energy development and serve as a direct or indirect zero-carbon fuel for various applications, making it a crucial technological pathway for high-temperature zero-carbon fuel solutions. Compared to hydrogen, ammonia energy offers distinct advantages in terms of storage and transportation. While hydrogen energy is an unstoppable force in the journey towards ultimate clean energy, achieving its commercial viability requires addressing the primary challenges of safety concerns and difficulties in storage and transportation.


In recent years, leveraging our core green ammonia technology and key equipment, KAPSOM has been instrumental in supporting the implementation of several green ammonia projects worldwide. We have continually emphasized the successful development of small-scale modular green ammonia units. Differing from traditional large-scale ammonia synthesis projects, distributed small-scale green ammonia projects typically face challenges such as significant production load fluctuations, remote and inaccessible locations, and limited space for handling flammable and toxic substances like H2 and NH3 within the units. KAPSOM’s latest innovation, the Green Ammonia Plant 3.0, incorporates an intelligent remote operation and maintenance management system. This system not only enhances the management efficiency of green ammonia units and reduces on-site maintenance work but also ensures stable and efficient operation of the entire ammonia production system in high-fluctuation scenarios. Moreover, it utilizes digital technology to address the issue of data isolation in green ammonia units.


With the technological advancements in the “ammonia-hydrogen” sector, the trillion-dollar blue ocean of zero-carbon energy cycles has been unlocked. Accelerating the development of a trillion-dollar industry chain that integrates green ammonia, hydrogen, and renewable energy industries within a “zero-carbon cycle” is of paramount significance for ensuring energy security and sustainable socio-economic development.  Following amicable negotiations, Shuangliang Hydrogen Energy and KAPSOM have decided to establish a long-term strategic partnership. Based on mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, we will fully leverage their respective strengths in terms of information, resources, capital, technology, management, and more. We will engage in deep collaboration, continuously enhancing the core competitiveness of both sides and jointly propelling their companies to new heights of high-quality development.


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