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KAPSOM’s 2023 Annual Meeting Ends on a High Note

Successful Conclusion of 2023 Annual Meeting in KAPSOM

On January 12, 2023, KAPSOM’s “Never forget the original intention and forge ahead” New Year’s Annual Meeting came as scheduled. All employees gathered in Sanya Hainan Province to summarize the experience of the company in the past year and look forward to the blueprint for the company’s future development.

At the beginning of the annual meeting, Kelvin Yuan, general manager of KAPSOM, delivered a speech. Kelvin fully affirmed the work of each department, and further clarified the focus and strategic direction of KAPSOM in 2023 to all employees, injecting new impetus into each employee.

2022 is a year of hard work and a year of steady progress. Kelvin said that the market environment in 2022 will be complex and changeable, full of uncertainties, but the focus is on the team’s concerted efforts to hand over a high-quality annual answer sheet, and he is grateful to every employee who never leaves; Outlook In 2023, he hopes that all employees of KAPSOM will work together to move forward courageously, keep in mind the original mission of “Green Chemical Leader”, cultivate ingenuity, ride the wind and waves, and lead the high-quality development of the industry.

The year 2023 will be a year for KAPSOM to deeply cultivate technology and fully empower customers. Kelvin said that while continuing to build an intelligent green chemical product chain, we will go to the market, get closer to customers, and open offices in India, South America, the United States and other international markets, so as to truly achieve “customer-centric” and rapid response client needs. In addition, KAPSOM will focus on the world, give full play to the advantages of customized products, focus on personalized customization, meet the needs of differentiated customization, and empower owners in an all-round way.

Cultivation breeds harvest, and sweat waters success. In 2022, which is full of variables and challenges, a group of excellent employee models have emerged from KAPSOM. They are role models for struggling in various positions. They contribute their own strength to promote the high-quality development of the enterprise, demonstrate the responsibility of KAPSOM strugglers, and inspire the confidence and determination of all to work hard and strive to be the first.

The new year breeds new hope, and the new journey composes new glory. KAPSOM 2023 Chinese New Year Annual Meeting has come to a successful conclusion, thanks to everyone who worked hard. In 2023, let us not forget our original intention, forge ahead, create a new chapter and win new glory together!


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