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Kapsom skid-mounted ammonia synthesis unit reactor patent granted

Kapsom’s Patent of the Skid-mounted Ammonia Synthesis Unit Reactor Awarded

In January 2022, Kapsom won the patent for the reactor of the skid-mounted ammonia synthesis unit.

For many years, we have always believed that technological innovation is the foundation of a company’s survival, and technological development is a platform for ones to take off. Obtaining a utility model patent is not only the crystallization of Kapsom’s R&D personnel, but also a demonstration of our innovative strength. Kapsom has always been driven by continuous development and innovation. We pursue continuous improvement and development, strengthen the protection of independent intellectual property rights, and give full play to the advantages in the technical field. The acquisition of the utility model patent certificate also marks another solid step taken by the company on the road of innovation and development.

The utility model patent is mainly used to solve the problem of high-cost and unsafe delivery of new energy. With the use of solar, wind, hydro, and tidal energy, more and more clean electric energy has been developed.  However, many new energy power stations are relatively remote, the use of power grids for transmission requires huge investment and inconvenient maintenance. In many cases, electrolyzed water systems are used. Hydrogen produces hydrogen energy, but according to the characteristics of hydrogen, there are also the problems of short transportation distance and small transportation volume. In order to facilitate the transportation of new energy, the nitrogen separated from hydrogen and air can be synthesized into liquid ammonia for output. This liquid ammonia is called carbon-free ammonia. In order to achieve this goal, an ammonia reactor has been specially developed for use in small installations, which is convenient for overall skid installation.

This invention patent adds a line of defense to the safe transportation of clean energy, and is also a “booster” for Kapsom to become a leader in green chemicals. We can expand the “green energy” market and lay solid foundation for our future business development. At the same time, it will help us further improve our intellectual property protection system, form a continuous innovation mechanism, maintain the leading position in technology, enhance our core competitiveness and brand value. This marks a new level of Kapsom’s intellectual property management work, and is another milestone in the history of enterprise development.

In the future, Kapsom will develop more technologies and apply for more international patents. We will also pay more attention to independent innovation capabilities, further strengthen property management, and strive to become a new benchmark leading the green chemical industry.

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