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KAPSOM’s second-generation green ammonia unit makes a spectacular debut

Wonderful Debut of KAPSOM’s Second-generation Green Ammonia Plant

KAPSOM is a company whose main business is international chemical general contracting, and began to deploy in the field of green chemicals in 2017. It has continued to invest capital and human resources to empower technology development, and developed the world’s first green ammonia plant for Indian clients. What’s more, KAPSOM continues to promote product iterations and upgrades.


In 2022, we successfully developed the second-generation skid-mounted green ammonia plant. The whole system is divided into several modules, and the main equipment including synthesis tower, heat exchanger, compressor, etc., as well as pipelines, electrical components and control instruments are installed in the skid in an orderly manner. The equipment will complete the system-wide installation test before leaving the factory. Once the plant arrives on site, green ammonia can be produced directly from renewable energy sources such as hydropower, solar and wind energy within 15 days.


Up to now, KAPSOM has developed four standard series of synthetic ammonia plant products of 2,000 tons/year, 5,000 tons/year, 10,000 tons/year and 20,000 tons/year. At the same time, our R&D personnel are breaking through the standardization design of skid-mounted ammonia plants with three medium and large production capacity, including 50,000 tons/year, 100,000 tons/year and 200,000 tons/year.


KAPSOM is committed to developing highly integrated synthetic ammonia plants of different capacity scales, aiming to greatly reduce the owner’s investment and management costs, shorten the project construction period, and truly practice the tenet of “creating value for customers with value-added services”.

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