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Kempiso team went to Russia to study and research

Quick Response To Customer Needs for Ammonia Production Plant Expansion and Efficiency Increase

In April 2023, KAPSOM received the owner’s demand for the transformation of the synthetic ammonia plant: that is, to expand production and increase efficiency on the basis of the original one, and to ensure that the cycle machine will not be transformed. In response to the customer’s needs, our team made a timely itinerary and rushed to the European site on the 17th to collect design and operating parameters, and conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the customer’s existing installations.


Based on the collected data and years of experience in ammonia synthesis, the technicians communicate systematically with the overall person in charge, technicians and operators of the client on site. The two parties conducted a preliminary review of the plan and made several rounds of technical clarifications. In the end, the technology was highly recognized by the customer and a detailed plan for the follow-up work was formulated.


Since its establishment, we have always been adhering to the “customer-centric” business philosophy, guided by customer needs, providing customers with high-quality, high-level professional services, and responding quickly to customer needs. In the future, we will not only continue to give full play to our advantages in professional and technical capabilities, but also set up service outlets in many countries to reduce the service radius, so that our internal business processes and customer needs can be highly synchronized and matched, and continue to improve the quality and speed of response to customers’.


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