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Liu Zhongyong, Director of Hydrogen Energy Business of Bureau Veritas, visited KAPSOM.

Director of Hydrogen Energy Business in Bureau Veritas Liu Zhongyong and His Team Visited KAPSOM

On September 19, 2022, Mr. Liu Zhongyong, Director of Hydrogen Energy (China) of Bureau Veritas, visited Nanjing KAPSOM Engineering Co., Ltd. Kelvin Yuan, General Manager of KAPSOM, received Mr. Liu and his team.

Established in 1828, Bureau Veritas is a world-renowned international inspection and certification group whose service areas focus on quality, health, safety and environmental management and social responsibility assessment. As a green chemical engineering company, product quality is always the company’s “lifeline”, and KAPSOM is always committed to providing customers with the safest solutions. Choosing a professional, impartial and independent third-party certification agency is an important means to ensure our consumer rights and interests.

In addition, with the development of renewable energy such as hydrogen energy, how to establish quantitative standards and evaluation systems for green energy such as low-carbon hydrogen, clean hydrogen and renewable hydrogen according to the life cycle assessment method has become a difficult problem that must be solved. During the meeting, Bureau Veritas made reports on carbon product trading and related policies, and shared the qualification certification of the entire hydrogen energy industry chain as an example, seeking opportunities for joint cooperation with each other in the later stage.

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