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MAXAM, Spain

Discussion on Green Ammonia Cooperation Between MAXAM & KAPSOM

On May 30, 2023, Mateusz, the management of MAXAM, and Ivan, the technical director, visited KAPSOM. Mark Wang, manager of our International Engineering Department, and technical expert Peter Pan received Mateusz and his party.

MAXAM is a global company specializing in energetic materials, including mining blasting solutions, quarry crushing optimization, infrastructure engineering, seismic surveys and blasting demolition. The company provides customers with the best solutions by vertically integrating technology platforms with leading global production capabilities.

This visit to KAPSOM mainly focused on preliminary discussions on the green ammonia plant project. As one of the important raw materials for energetic materials, ammonia is widely used in the production process of MAXAM products. Based on the background of the EU carbon tax, MAXAM needs to reduce its own carbon footprint from the entire production process, and green ammonia, as an important part of it, will effectively help it complete its carbon emission reduction goals and reduce carbon sinks. During the meeting, the two parties exchanged the technical parameters of green ammonia, and went to KAPSOM’s manufacturing base for a physical visit, laying a solid foundation for the deployment of green ammonia project in the future.

Low-carbon development needs to rely on the “green development model” to achieve economic growth and environmental protection in a real sense. As a diversified and inclusive company, MAXAM takes it personally. The company upholds the concept of green development, cultivates green and low-carbon industries, and continuously practices the corporate social responsibility of sustainable development. We expect and believe that more and more companies with the same sense of social responsibility and long-term development goals as MAXAM will enter a new stage of green and low-carbon development.

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