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ydrogen-Ammonia Energy Discussion Beteween Ningxia Power Investment Mount Sun Energy and KAPSOM

On February 22, 2023, Li Li, Chief Financial Officer of Ningxia Electric Investment Mount Sun Energy Co., Ltd., head of the Ammonia-Hydrogen Research Institute, and Vice-Chairman of the Ammonia-Hydrogen Industry Alliance, visited KAPSOM. with her team. General Manager Dong Weijia received Li Li and her party.


Great Advantages in Developing Hydrogen & Ammonia Industry


On-site consumption of wind and solar power, on-site production of green ammonia and green hydrogen, and replacement of coal fuel with green ammonia-hydrogen fuel year by year are feasible solutions to achieve the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. Mount Sun is rich in natural scenery resources, with an existing wind power and photovoltaic installed capacity of 4 million kilowatts. It is suitable for the development of the “hydrogen 2.0” industry that combines hydrogen and ammonia. It has the advantages of a solid ammonia-hydrogen synthesis industry foundation and convenient transportation. As early as July 2021, under the leadership of Ningxia Power Investment Mount Sun Energy Co., Ltd., the “Ningxia Ammonia-Hydrogen Industry Alliance” was established to promote the high-quality development of Ningxia’s ammonia-hydrogen industry.


Mount Sun Ammonia-Hydrogen Valley is planned to build a 4400MW photovoltaic power station and a supporting hydrogen production station with a total scale of 8000ONm3/h. The hydrogen production station adopts the lye electrolysis water hydrogen production technology route to achieve an annual output of 50,000 tons of green hydrogen. And through measures such as putting into operation hydrogen-energy buses, hydrogen-energy heavy-duty truck fleets, and supporting the construction of hydrogen refueling stations, Ningxia can gradually realize a zero-carbon alternative for urban transportation and park material transportation. By connecting with the Shanghai Lingang New Area, a land terminal for receiving green hydrogen will be set up in Shanghai, and the long-distance transportation and consumption of green hydrogen will be realized through the way of carrying hydrogen with ammonia.


Miniaturized Skid-mounted Green Ammonia Plant is More Economical


At present, the miniaturized skid-mounted ammonia synthesis plant has become a new trend in the development of small-scale ammonia production in the world, especially suitable for distributed wind energy application scenarios. Economic feasibility is a key issue in the development process of any project. Our latest ammonia synthesis plant greatly shortens the project implementation period and reduces the owner’s management and operating costs.


As Zhou Jianxin, professor at the Yangtze River Delta Carbon Neutral Strategic Development Research Institute of Southeast University, said, “After the completion of the Mount Sun ammonia-hydrogen project, it can produce 300,000 tons of green ammonia per year, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 5.8 million tons, and achieve an output value of 1.5 billion yuan. Leveraging industrial output value of 15 billion yuan within 5 years.” We believe that the implementation of this project will have a significant positive impact on China’s energy structure adjustment. We also look forward to more opportunities for communication and cooperation with Ningxia Electric Investment Mount Sun Energy Co., Ltd.

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