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Nanjing University of Technology

Exploring the strengthening of collaboration in green chemical industry academia and research between KAPSOM and NJTech.

To promote industry-academia-research collaboration, foster innovative talent, and drive the upgrading of the green chemical industry, on the afternoon of September 14, 2023, Ju Yonggan, the Party Secretary, and Ji Qingchun, the Deputy Party Secretary of the School of Chemical Engineering at NJTech, visited KAPSOM. Kevin Yuan, Chairman of KAPSOM, warmly welcomed the leadership from the School of Chemical Engineering at NJTech. Both parties engaged in in-depth discussions on topics such as the development of green chemical industry, strengthening industry-academia-research collaboration, and joint talent development.

NJTech Introduction

NJTech has a long history of education, with its origins dating back to the establishment of Sanjiang Normal School in 1902.  NJTech is a university jointly established by the National Defense Science and Technology Industry Bureau, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government. It has been selected for national programs such as the “2011 Plan”, “111 Plan”,  and the “Outstanding Engineer Education and Training Program”. It is also classified as an A-level university in the Jiangsu High-Level University Construction Peak Plan.

The School of Chemical Engineering at NJTech has a rich history that dates back to the original Central University and the Department of Chemical Engineering at Jinling University. It is one of the earliest institutions in China to establish a chemical engineering discipline. Its founder, Academician Shi Jun, was a luminary in the field of chemical engineering in China and trained more than 20 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. In 2007, the discipline of Chemical Engineering and Technology at NJTech’s School of Chemical Engineering was recognized as one of the first national key disciplines. In the fourth round of discipline assessment by the Ministry of Education, it was rated in the A category. It was also selected for the Jiangsu Province’s High-Level University Advantageous Discipline Construction Project, and it supports NJTech’s global ranking in the top 1‰ for ESI (Essential Science Indicators) in the fields of Chemistry, Materials Science, and overall comprehensive ranking.

During the discussion, Kevin Yuan introduced KAPSOM’s development history, the transformation towards green chemical engineering, and the future development direction. As an alum of NJTech, he expressed sincere gratitude for the many outstanding graduates that his alma mater has provided to the company over the years. These exceptional alumni have excelled in various positions, accumulated experience, and made significant contributions to the growth of KAPSOM. Kevin Yuan hopes that the NJTech will continue to supply KAPSOM with more outstanding talent in the future.

Ju Yonggan stated that as a comprehensive university with a strong focus on engineering, NJTech is rooted in the significant strategic needs of national and regional economic and social development. Its development goal is to become a “nationally top-tier and internationally renowned entrepreneurial university”.

The university proactively aligns with Jiangsu’s “Strong Industry Chain” three-year action plan, harnessing various innovation platforms to nurture and mobilize talent, particularly in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship, to meet the urgent demand for such individuals.The university and its colleges are pleased to see KAPSOM, founded by one of its alumni, rapidly develop and achieve commercial projects in areas such as green ammonia and green methanol, positioning itself at the forefront of international green chemical engineering. NJTech looks forward to strengthening communication and collaboration through this visit, complementing each other’s resources, and expediting the deepening of cooperation in industry-academia-research between the university and the company. This collaboration will lay the foundation for comprehensive, in-depth, and diverse cooperation in talent cultivation and technological innovation in the future.


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