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Patented ammonia technology

Patented Ammonia Synthesis Technology

Ammonia Synthesis Technology

KAPSOM’s ammonia synthesis technology is based on years’ experience in a diverse range of projects around the world. KAPSOM’s comprehensive offering creats best values for our customs in ammonia industry with daily capacity ranging from 150 to 2,000tons. Our plant solutions are fully customizable and designed to maximum operational efficiency, sustainability and safety. High quality engineering and professional implementation are combined for our ammonia synthesis plant.

Ammonia Synthesis Converter

To ensure that we can offer you the most sustainable solution possible, a key focus of our R&D work has been on the ammonia synthesis converter as the heart of ammonia plant. With more than 100 units installed around the world, we have refined the converter to ensure that it provides reliable performance and low maintenance requirements for modern plant environments.


  • Uniform syngas distribution and small pressure drop.
  • Reasonable temperature distribution, full use of catalyst activity, high ammonia net value.
  • High space utilization for high pressure vessels.
  • Stable production, high operating elasticity.
  • Simple and reliable structure, no thermal stress concentration.
  • Easy installation.


The cowl flap radial converter is used for KAPSOM’s ammonia synthesis plant to effectively control the uneven syngas distribution on both sides of the converter, making the uneven syngas distribution less than 5%. KAPSOM adopts advanced technology of bidirection compensate unequal pressure difference on syngas distribution side and concentration side to achieve uniform syngas distribution.

Simulation Software for Converter

Advanced sigmentation simulation software for ammonia synthesis converter. Integrated design of the converter and calculation software to realize reasonable segmentation and accurate calculation.

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