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20110 Project HAZOP Analysis Chart

The HAZOP Analysis Meeting of Colombia Green

Ammonia Project was Successfully Held HAZOP analysis is an important part of design safety review. When the detailed engineering design of the Colombian Green Ammonia Project that KAPSOM undertakes is nearing completion, we held the HAZOP analysis meeting of the project on May 17-20, 2023 as scheduled.


The purpose of carrying out HAZOP analysis meeting is to systematically review the process and operation of the chemical plant to determine and evaluate the potential hazards and consequences caused by wrong operation, wrong execution or deviation from the design purpose. Combined with the safety, stability and rectification feasibility of the existing production equipment, a number of analysis results are formed, and the final HAZOP analysis report is generated. According to statistics, HAZOP analysis can reduce accidents due to design reasons by 29% and accidents caused by operational reasons by 6%.

Before the meeting, the risk matrix provided by us has been confirmed by the owner. During the four-day HAZOP analysis execution period, relevant professional and technical personnel from the technology provider and the design institute conducted a “brainstorm” discussion on all units of the entire device. This meeting is divided into 15 nodes in total, and members of the team conduct in-depth discussions from their respective professional perspectives and high-risk scenarios in the later actual operation process.

The convening of this meeting provides the necessary design basis for the safe and stable operation of the device after the project is completed, and also lays a solid foundation for achieving high-quality and efficient completion of project construction goals and tasks.


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