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Progress with one heart and one mind, the starlight is not responsible for catching up – Kempthorne ammonia synthesis design special training

Ammonia Synthesis Design Training by KAPSOM

To strengthens the construction of the internal process flow system, KAPSOM held an ammonia synthesis design training course on August 5, 2023,to further enhance the specialization and standardization of the skills of process personnel, thereby improving the quality and service of customers.

The technicians of the engineering design department explained in detail the process flow of ammonia synthesis, control difficulties, related theories and calculation procedures of ammonia synthesis reactor and heat exchanger.

During the course training, experts systematically sorted out the theoretical knowledge and practical solutions of ammonia synthesis. Combined with specific operation cases, the key points and difficulties that may exist in the production process are carefully analyzed, which was made everyone have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the ammonia synthesis process during the course sharing process.

The participants listened carefully to the lecture, and actively conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with the teaching engineers on the problems that easily occurred during the normal production process of the synthetic ammonia plant. The course laid a solid foundation for strengthening the production management and unified scheduling of the synthetic ammonia plant in the later stage.

With the vigorous development of the international green ammonia market, KAPSOM is also continuing to iterate new products and new processes in order to better serve customers. In the face of new devices and new processes, it is necessary to study hard and conduct in-depth research, focusing on sorting out each key node in the operation of the device, so as to be confident. Through this professional training, the process personnel have a deeper understanding of the operating process of ammonia synthesis, heat exchangers, reactors and other professional knowledge. It also accumulates reserve forces for the production and implementation of company later project plans with better quality and efficiency.

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