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Saudi Arabia 1500 tons per year green ammonia plant skid assembly completed

Skid-mounted Assembly of 1,500 MTPA Green Ammonia Plant in Saudi Arabia Completed

Recently, the main equipment of Saudi Arabia’s 1500MTPA green ammonia plant project contracted by KAPSOM has been completed skid-mounted assembly, including ammonia synthesis converter, soft water preheater, water cooler, cold exchanger, ammonia chiller, H.P NH3 separator, L.P NH3 separator. It marks that the project has fully completed the design, manufacturing, procurement and equipment skid installation, and is ready for delivery.

In the green ammonia system, the compressor is the heart of the refrigeration system. KAPSOM uses GD-series diaphragm compressor. This kind of compressor has good sealing performance because of its cylinder need no lubrication. It is suitable for corrosive, radioactive, toxic, explosive gases and oxygen. Good heat dissipation of the cylinder enables it to provide a wider pressure range.

The skid-mounted ammonia plant designed and manufactured by KAPSOM simplifies the on-site installation process to a great extent. Different from the traditional on-site installation process, we have completed the installation of main equipment such as ammonia towers, water coolers, and ammonia chillers in our factory. The owner only needs to fix the skid and the compressor, and do the wiring work of some equipment to complete the installation of the device, which greatly shortens his installation and construction period.

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