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SFP Hydrogen Energy team visited KAPSOM

SFP Hydrogen Energy’s Group Visited KAPSOM

On July 15, 2022, two managers from SPF Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. visited KAPSOM. We conducted in-depth exchanges on green chemical industry, especially green hydrogen, green ammonia and green methanol technology.

They were deeply impressed by the current mode of using skid-mounted devices to produce green ammonia and green methanol in distributed scenarios like solar farm or offshore wind. We went to our Green Ammonia Manufacturing Factory together and introduced more details about our skid-mounted green ammonia manufacturing process. We exchanged ideas about equipment group pairing and manufacturing, and both were confident in the follow-up cooperation of green ammonia and green methanol projects.

As a domestic hydrogen energy company, SPF Hydrogen Energy is deeply engaged in AEM technology, using low-cost non-precious metal catalysts and bipolar plates in low-corrosive alkaline environment. It greatly reduces the equipment cost and improves the service life of electrolyzer.

Combining the AEM water electrolysis hydrogen production technology with KAPSOM’s green ammonia and green methanol technology, is an important step to form the industrialization of green power, green hydrogen, green ammonia and green methanol processes. And this is a common expectation of SPF Hydrogen and KAPSOM.


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