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Successful KAPSOM Design Department Training and Assessment Conclusion

On December 8, 2023, KAPSOM successfully conducted a training and assessment event for the design department. The purpose of this assessment is to enhance the management proficiency of process personnel, fortify their professional capabilities, and offer support for the ongoing development of subsequent process endeavors. This commitment is aimed at furnishing customers with elevated technical support and superior services of the highest quality.

The assessment comprises two components: a written examination and a defense. The written test encompasses a broad spectrum of topics, including technology, pipelines, equipment, electrical instruments, and general drawings. This comprehensive approach aims to assess the foundational knowledge proficiency of craftsmen from various perspectives.

During the defense stage, trainees presented the TP document for the 30,000-ton Green Ammonia project with an annual output to the judges. They responded to questions based on the project background they independently established, covering aspects such as hydrogen production, nitrogen production, ammonia synthesis, and the configuration and layout of each unit. The judges evaluated professionalism, completeness, innovation, satisfaction of owner’s needs, and the clarification and communication skills of the process personnel as key scoring criteria.

Throughout the assessment process, all participants showcased exceptional performance, leaving a lasting impression on the judging panel. Whether in terms of professionalism, the depth of their plans, or on-the-spot reaction ability, each contestant exhibited commendable skills. Following intense competition, Qin Ying, a process engineer from the design department, emerged as the champion. Her outstanding performance earned accolades for the thoroughness and innovation of her solution. Moreover, her expressive and responsive engagement during the Q&A session left a particularly favorable impression on the jury.

At the conclusion of the assessment, Kelvin Yuan, KAPSOM CEO, expressed commendation for the notable achievements of the craftsmen who actively participated in the defense stage. He underscored the imperative and significance for process designers to effectively showcase their professional competencies before customers. CEO Yuan emphasized that, beyond professionalism, craftsmen should broaden their knowledge in equipment, instrumentation, and related fields. He advocated for the proactive identification and resolution of small issues, the solidification of fundamental knowledge, and the continuous enhancement of abilities.Furthermore, Kelvin Yuan highlighted the pivotal role of innovation in both company development and personal growth. He encouraged everyone to persevere in cultivating innovative approaches in their work.

This assessment serves not only to enhance the learning and mastery of fundamental professional knowledge, such as processes and pipelines, among technical staff, but also provides an opportunity to showcase individual comprehensive qualities and abilities. We firmly believe that, with the active participation and dedicated efforts of these exceptional individuals from KAPSOM, the organization will further fortify its resilience and dynamism.

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