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Successful start-up of 600KTPY ammonia plant in Shandong, China

Successfully in Shandong, China

600,000TPY Ammonia Plant and 800,000TPY Urea Plant

As a leading international EPC contractor, KAPSOM owns the most advanced gas synthesis technology in China.In September 2018, KAPSOM won a bidding of liquid ammonia plant with the capacity of 600,000 ton per annum. The synthesis unit is designed and manufactured by KAPSOM independently. Core equipment converter is loaded with 98m3 catalyst, with diameter of 2800mm, height of 28000mm, and total weight 600 metric tons.

With the unremitting efforts of KAPSOM’s team, the ammonia synthesis unit was successfully commissioned in August 2020. The catalyst in the device was heated, reaction began and it gradually transferred to normal production. The net ammonia conversion rate reaches 18.5%. The operating pressure is 13.0MPaG. Daily output of liquid ammonia exceeded 2,300 tons. All technical parameters exceeded the design values and the key parameters are at international leading technology level.


After 20 years of research, practice, and innovation, we have broken through the technical barriers of ammonia synthesis, and now have established most advanced nitrogen fertilizer synthesis technology in Asia. This plant was running with 296 staffs. It consumes 830 kWh to produce one ton of ammonia which can reduce carbon emissions by 74,000 tons per year compared to others.


The total investment of the project is 650 million U.S. dollars, and the annual turnover is about 420 million U.S. dollars. With the annual production of 600,000 tons liquid ammonia and 800,000 tons urea, it is estimated that the cost will be recovered within 4 years.

The successful operation of this project marks a new level of manufacture in China and has laid a solid foundation for KAPSOM’s gas synthesis plant entering the international market.

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