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TGOOD Executive President Song Guofeng and his delegation visited Kempisol

Warmly welcome Song Guofeng, Executive President of TGOOD and his delegation, to visit KAPSOM

On October 20, 2023, Mr. Song Guofeng, CEO of TGOOD, along with the company’s senior management team, visited KAPSOM. Kevin Yuan, Chairman of KAPSOM, warmly welcomed the delegation from TGOOD. Both parties discussed potential areas of collaboration, taking into consideration their respective industry landscapes and positioning for the future.


TGOOD Introduction

TGOOD, founded in 2004, became the first company to list on China’s Growth Enterprise Market in 2009. The company primarily operates in three major areas: electric equipment manufacturing, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and new energy microgrids. TGOOD is a key participant and contributor to setting technical standards in the Chinese power industry. It boasts the largest R&D and manufacturing facility for containerized power equipment in China. The company oversees six major subsidiaries, including TELD, Chuanke-Electric, Leshan-Lade, JINERGY, SXJY, and Yichang-TGOOD, and has over 150 subsidiary companies in total. With assets totaling 15 billion RMB, the group achieved a sales volume of 10.5 billion RMB and reached a market capitalization of over 40 billion RMB at its peak, with a workforce of 7,000 employees.


In the high-end containerized power equipment manufacturing sector, TGOOD’s main products include: 220kV and below modular intelligent prefabricated substation, mobile intelligent substation, 35kV intelligent container substation, 10kV intelligent European-style container substation, railway (high-speed) power remote control substation, intelligent ring network cabinet, intelligent switchgear station, intelligent microgrid container substation, intelligent integrated photovoltaic container substation, intelligent integrated wind power container substation, and more.


During the discussion, Kevin Yuan extended a warm welcome to the leadership team from TGOOD and began by introducing KAPSOM’s developments in the field of green chemistry. Currently, KAPSOM has successfully developed and applied modular, prefabricated, intelligent green ammonia units in the green energy market. These plants adhere to the principles of “standardized production, intelligent operation, and assembly-based construction”, ensuring high-standard product design and quality while consistently reducing product delivery timelines. This approach has earned significant recognition in the market.


According to Mr. Song Guofeng, TGOOD has pioneered a multi-station integrated prefabricated smart energy station, combining substation, distribution, charging, discharging, energy storage, photovoltaic, data centers, and 5G integration into a deeply unified system, creating an innovative hybrid AC/DC power network. Additionally, the company’s intelligent containerized substations enjoy a market share of over 60% in the Chinese railway market, and their high-end high-voltage modular substations account for more than 60% of the power grid and new energy market.

After the meeting, TGOOD’s senior leaders visited and investigated the production base of our integrated green ammonia plant. They highly recognized our company’s innovative ideas, manufacturing capabilities, and craftsmanship.


In the context of the national carbon neutrality initiatives, the domestic demand for industrial decarbonization is on the rise. It is hoped that in the future, both parties can combine their respective industrial layouts and positionings, cooperate on the basis of their respective professional advantages, and complement each other’s advantages. In this way, we can give full play to the advantages of scale, market and industrial system, and carry out all-round cooperation.

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