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The Successful Delivery of Central Asia Sulfuric Acid Project

On July 25, 2023, the main equipment supply project of Central Asia sulfuric acid plant undertaken by KAPSOM was successfully delivered. The delivered equipment includes converters, drying towers, primary suction towers, secondary suction towers, and acid tanks , sulfur melting tank, pre-neutralization reactor, mixer and etc.

The project owner is one of the largest and most active local EPC engineering companies in Uzbekistan, focusing on major projects in the fields of oil and gas, chemicals, energy, metallurgy, etc. The 800,000 TPA sulfuric acid project signed with Uzbekistan customers is KAPSOM’s first super-large sulfuric acid project exported to Central Asia, and it is also the largest sulfuric acid project exported to the hinterland of Central Asia in recent years. As an important result of our company’s active development of business in countries along the “Belt and Road”, this project will provide an important fulcrum for us to develop the market in Central Asia, and it also serves as a milestone in KAPSOM’S international journey.

In order to ensure the smooth delivery of the equipment, the project team members overcame the heat and devoted themselves to the commissioning and inspection of the equipment with full work enthusiasm and high spirits in the high-temperature commissioning workshop. In order to ensure that the equipment can be commissioned and inspected on schedule and quality, they always stick to their posts.

In the next step, the KAPSOM Product Delivery Department will complete equipment positioning, installation and commissioning according to the planned time node. They will uphold high efficiency and a serious attitude to complete the overall delivery of equipment with high quality.

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