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Training “How to be a Good Project Manager

KAPSOM Organizes Training on “How to Be a Good Project Manager”

In order to benchmark the market, keep up with excellence, cultivate excellent project managers, and lead the company’s development, on the afternoon of May 16, 2023, KAPSOM held a course training on “How to Be a Good Project Manager” to help the company’s projects Managers learn industry bench-marking experience and improve project management capabilities.


This training mainly introduces the implementation process commonly used in chemical construction projects, as well as issues that need attention, and provides tips and help to project managers, in order to help the future implementation of projects in hand be more scientific, reasonable, rigorous and smooth. The training content is mainly divided into the following four points:

  1. Qualities and abilities that a project manager should possess
  2. The project manager should be familiar with the project execution process
  3. The project manager should be familiar with the work content and requirements of each stage of the EPC project execution process
  4. Issues that need special attention from the project manager


During the course training, experts sort out the theoretical knowledge of project management systematically, and extract the key points of management from key nodes such as project management objectives, management process, execution process, project schedule, and implementation. He uses easy-to-understand language and vivid and detailed cases, so that everyone can have a comprehensive understanding and grasp of “how to be a good project manager” during the sharing process.


Finally, we hope that the project managers can unify their thinking, find out the correct positioning through this study, make it clear that the project manager is the first person in charge, push forward the work with all their strength, and escort the scientific and reasonable implementation of the project.

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