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University-Enterprise Cooperation – Two-Way Empowerment丨East China University of Science and Technology and Capesol have in-depth exchanges on joint innovation and talent cultivation

In-depth Exchanges on Joint Innovation and Talent Cultivation between ECUST and KAPSOM

Zhu Xuedong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Chemical Engineering of East China University of Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as “Huali”), and his delegation visited KAPSOM On October 8, 2023, for further promoting the integration of industry and education and school-enterprise cooperation. Kevin Yuan, Chairman of KAPSOM, warmly welcomed the delegation from ECUST. The two sides had in-depth exchanges on green chemical engineering professional construction, joint talent training, industry-university-research cooperation and other fields.

ECUST Introduction

ECUST, formerly known as East China Institute of Chemical Technology, is China’s first prestigious higher education institution renowned for its specialization in chemical engineering. In 1956, it was among the first group of universities in China to enroll graduate students. In 1996, it became a key participant in the national “211 Project”. In 2008, it was authorized to establish the “985 Advantageous Discipline Innovation Platform”. In 2017, it was selected as a national “Double First-Class” university, with three disciplines—Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering, and Chemical Engineering and Technology—listed among the top-tier disciplines.

ECUST’s “Chemical Engineering and Technology” program is the first in mainland China to be accredited by ABET.  The “Chemistry” program at ECUST is the first in mainland China to receive joint international accreditation from China and Russia for natural sciences. Eight disciplines, including Chemistry, Materials Science, Engineering, Biology and Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Agricultural Science, Computer Science, and Environmental Science and Ecology, are ranked in the top 1% globally in the ESI rankings. The disciplines of Chemistry and Engineering also rank in the top 1‰ worldwide.

During the exchange, Kelvin introduced topics such as KAPSOM’s development history, main business, green chemical projects, R&D innovation directions, and talent demand gaps. He said that the company focuses on the development of green chemical industry and attaches great importance to technological breakthroughs and innovative research and development. We will focus closely on the important link of intellectual property, insist on using it as an indicator and direction to enhance product competitiveness, and improve independent innovation capabilities. In addition, KAPSOM attaches great importance to talent training and reserve, and hopes to establish a long-term and stable cooperation mechanism with ECUST in the future to jointly cultivate high-tech talents suitable for the needs of the green chemical industry.

Additionally, KAPSOM attaches great importance to talent cultivation and reserves, expressing a desire to establish a long-term and stable cooperation mechanism with ECUST in the future to jointly nurture highly skilled talents tailored to the needs of the green chemical industry.

Zhu Xuedong said that ECUST is also committed to the research and application of green chemical technology and has achieved remarkable results. Researchers have pioneered the synthesis and application research of new catalysts by carrying out the design and development of environmentally friendly catalysts. At the same time, they improved the selectivity, conversion rate and yield of the reaction by adjusting reaction conditions and changing the structure of the catalyst, as well as collaboratively optimizing the green reaction process.


After the meeting, Dean Zhu and his delegation visited the our equipment production and R&D base. They learned about the complexity of system integration of small-scale ammonia synthesis equipment deeper after visiting various equipment manufacturing processes, This visit provided them with a deeper understanding of KAPSOM’s technical expertise in optimizing small-scale integrated intelligent green ammonia processes and integrating intelligent control systems.


This exchange laid a solid foundation for the subsequent in-depth “industry-university-research” cooperation between the two parties. We look forward to continuing all-round and in-depth cooperation with ECUST in aspects such as the integration of industry and education, talent training, scientific and technological research, and transformation of scientific research results. This not only helps Huali students to find a stable and successful career path, but also injects new momentum into enterprises to build core competitiveness, truly realizing the resonance of schools and enterprises at the same frequency.

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