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Visit Shenmu Fenix to Discuss Project Cooperation

Visit to Shenmu Fenix to Explore Project Cooperation

On December 10, 2021, Kelvin Yuan, Chairman of Kapsom and his team went to the Shenmu Huangming Technology Co., Ltd., one of the commercial factory of American Fenix Technology Company in Shenmu City, Shaanxi Province to inspect the Clean Solid Energy (CSE) and Natural Topsoil Mineral (NTM) projects.

This trip to Shenmu was not only an investigation, but also a return visit. On June 30 and July 12 this year, Richard K. Hulme, the chairman of Fenix Technology, visited our company, introduced their projects and discussed some future cooperation issues. As the advocates and practitioners of green chemical industry, Kapsom and Fenix Technology are like-minded. Shenmu journey allows both parties to have a better understanding and also enhanced the possibility of our future cooperation in more fields.

CSE & NTM Projects

As the world’s leading clean energy and environmental protection project, its revolutionary clean energy technology uses waste coal slurry or low-efficiency lignite from coal washing plants for processing to prepare clean solid energy and natural topsoil minerals rich in minerals.

As Mr. Hulme said during his visit last time, as a professional company that can provide clients with turn-key services for the complete plant, we also look forward to and believe that we can have further cooperation with Fenix Technology in the near future.

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